The team of practitioners at Thrive Wellness Center are committed to educating and serving the community on all aspects of wellness. Every practitioner here is licensed or certified to practice in the field they are representing at Thrive.

Amber Summers, HHP, HNC, CRP

Owner and Head Holistic Practitioner

Amber graduated with High Honors in Biology from Mount Holyoke College in 2000 and worked at the FDA’s Division of Hematology where her research was published in two peer-reviewed medical journals. She received her certification as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner in 2002 from the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine while also studying for her certification as a practitioner in Angel Therapy, Reiki, and Nutritional Consulting. She has apprenticed with Dr. Sylvester DeVaux, Naturopath and Reflexologist from St. Lucia and began seeing clients professionally in 2009. Amber currently teaches certification classes for the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine. In addition, Amber has been a baccalaureate constituency member of Sigma Xi since 2000. Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society is the honor society of scientists and engineers that recognizes scientific achievement. Amber was nominated into membership because of her extensive research done for her undergraduate thesis at the FDA’s Division of Hematology in the field of blood substitutes. Amber is very excited to share her knowledge and experience with her clients and students through Thrive Wellness Center that lives up to her exceptional standards of quality and integrity.

Betsy Summers

Client Support Specialist

Betsy was led to the world of holistic medicine when her daughter Amber became sick with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 5. After 2 years of watching her daughter’s condition deteriorate, she decided to try something different. Betsy faced much criticism for her choices to support her daughter’s health through natural means, but knew it was the right path as Amber began to recover quickly once on a strict holistic protocol. After helping her daughter achieve complete recovery from JRA, 35 years later Betsy faced her own health challenge that caused her to make another tough decision. In 2019 Betsy took on the daunting task of fighting stage 4 kidney cancer without any immunotherapy or chemotherapy. Within 6 months of committing to her holistic protocol, Betsy was, by western medical standards, in complete remission. Her commitment and dedication to holistic health has been great through her lifetime, she now brings this passion to supporting Thrive Wellness in helping others locally and around the world.

Rob Burns, HHP, HNC, CRP

Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Rob Burns is a Holistic Practitioner and Nutrition consultant at Thrive offering wellness exams, PEMF therapy and more! He was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic at the age of three and struggled with pain in his jaw since he was very young. In his twenties he was taking 1100 mg of Naproxen daily in order to relieve his pain and, as a result, had stomach pains and acid indigestion. After years of suffering, he spoke with his diabetic endocrinologist who suggested that low Vitamin D levels could be causing the inflammation in his body. Since then, he has been supplementing with Vitamin D3 and no longer has to take painkillers. This was about the time where he understood that the phrase “Food is medicine” was true. After realizing the potential healing effects of food, in particular organic, he decided to grow food for himself and his wife. After a number of years, he chose to expand his garden and start a CSA to share organic food with others in the community. Upon researching the healthiest vegetables and herbs to grow he stumbled upon the Holistic classes at Thrive. After a year long journey being immersed in holistic medicine, he realized that this was what he was meant to do. Rob has a certification from the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine in Holistic Health, Holistic Nutrition, a Bachelor’s of Music Performance from Wilkes University and is happy to be a part of the Thrive family.

Damian Miller - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Damian Miller, CCH

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

When Damian was 14, he experienced his first miracle. Growing up in a religious family, he had heard about miracles, but on that summer day in 1994, he witnessed a truly powerful transformation for the first time. He watched in awe as a girl, who had been phobic of heights ten minutes prior, rappel down 120-foot cliff, willingly and confidently. This was a miracle to him because on their way up to the cliff, she was shivering, shaking, and crying. The cause of this transformation? Hypnotherapy. His rock climbing teacher had hypnotized her and helped her to overcome her fear.
Witnessing first-hand someone being cured of a phobia by hypnosis was a pivotal moment in Damian’s life. Soon thereafter, he began to devour everything he could on hypnosis. Damian read everything he could get his hands on, and he asked his teacher to show him what to do.

Damian is still fascinated by hypnosis. As he builds his practices in Philadelphia he continues to study and expand his horizons with new teachers, methods, training, seminars, and workshops. Damian holds certifications from Bucks County Community College and the Institute of Hypnosis Sciences, and is also certified under the American Council of Hypnotists Examiners.

Hypnosis allows him to tap into his natural strengths and passions: the desire to help people, the ability to be present and listen, and his creative problem-solving skills. He had helped people quit smoking, lose weight, settle emotions, and gain focus and personal power.

Damian believes in our ability to heal ourselves. He believes that, within us, we each have everything we need in order to be well, healthy, and vibrant. Through hypnotism, the power of engaging the full self – speaking directly to the great self that lies beneath the surface he helps his clients realize the power within themselves.

Kathy Wang, M.D.

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Kathy Wang was born and raised in Beijing China. Her parents, both college professors, exposed her to all facets of scientific and cultural education. She began her medical apprenticeship in TCM when just five years old, and by the age of eleven, began treating patients with Accupuncture in hospitals and community clinics. Kathy is a graduate of The Inner-Mongolia Medical College where she earned her doctorate medical degree specializing in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. After practicing as a Pediatric doctor, she became the project director of a clinical study for Stroke Rehabilitation and Diabetes to evaluate the effectiveness of combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with standard Western therapies. Kathy emigrated to the U.S. to participate in Genetic Endocrinology research at the University of Iowa and later, Neuroscience study at the Albany Medical Center. She served as Senior Chemist with LabCorp’s Pharmaceutical Development Group, an affiliate of Duke and UNC Chapel Hill Medical Colleges. After years of conventional research and practice, Kathy’s passion for traditional medicine and alternative therapies drove her to join the World Health Organization efforts in Tibet. This gave her the opportunity to study and exchange knowledge with Tibet’s highest medical Guru Lamas. Following her work in Tibet, Kathy moved to Germany to practice for three years with a Senior Natural Health Practitioner skilled in their native methods. Now associated with Thrive Wellness Center, Kathy is excited to offer her extensive skills in Traditional Chinese Medical therapy to those seeking relief and guidance.

Wayne Wolfe
Wayne Wolfe

Tai Chi Instructor

Wayne Wolfe is a teacher (Sifu) of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan). Wayne began studying Tai Chi in 1990 and was certified to begin teaching Tai Chi by Grandmaster William C.C. Chen (Chen Zi-Chen), in 1993. Grandmaster Chen was chosen “Man of the Year 2000” by Inside Kung Fu Magazine as someone who: “will go down in history as one of the most influential traditional internal stylists of His generation.” (IKF Feb. 2000).” Wayne learned the short form, sword form, pushing hands, and boxing style from Chen who he continues to train with. Wayne was privileged to study the Taiji Long Staff form with the late B.P. Chan, whose reputation with traditional Chinese weapons was unparalleled. In 1996 Wayne traveled to Australia to meet and train with the late Erle Montaigue, subsequently keeping in contact with him and training with him in Europe and the United States over the years. Erle was recently in Salisbury Maryland where Wayne had a chance to introduce many of his students to Erle and his son Eli. Montaigue is noted for his desire to return to the teaching of the original Yang forms through the World Taiji Boxing Association. Wayne learned the original Wu-Dang-Shan forms of Taiji from Montaigue as well as the short stick form, which has largely been lost to many Westerners. Wolfe also studied with Montaigue’s former Senior Instructor, Michael Babin in Ottawa Canada. Wolfe’s Tai Chi is practical and functional.