Services provided through Thrive Wellness Center support mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing. At Thrive, we focus on managing and eliminating the cause of your ailment rather than masking the symptoms. Our licensed and certified practitioners provide you with honest services based on firsthand experience, research, and education.

Comprehensive Hormone Level Testing Through Urine and Saliva

Integrative Wellness Exam for Adults and Children
Iridology: The study of the Iris of the eye and how it relates to the health of the body.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Nutritional Consulting
Nutritional Muscle Response Testing
Holistic Weight Loss Programs
Metabolic Re-Boot
Food Allergy Testing through Immuno Plus
Blood spot Nutrition Analysis


Ear Candling
Detoxification Ionic Foot Baths
Heavy Metal Testing and Detoxification
Liver, Gall Bladder and Kidney Detoxification Programs
Colon Cleansing Program


Moxibustion and Cupping

  • Communicating with your Subconscious Workshops
  • Emotional Clearing Programs to release Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Shame, and Guilt
  • Power Over Pain Program: Learn how to remove pain in the body through the power of the subconscious
  • Breakthrough Sessions on Any Topic: This Is designed to help a person identify and transform any problem at the subconscious level so they can develop new thinking feeling and being around this subject that works… and to keep it that way.
P.E.M.F. Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

Experience the power of magnetic fields on your body to reduce pain and inflammation and to improve tissue healing, increase circulation, increase oxygen to the tissues, and improve range of motion.

Massage and Body Work

Swedish Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue Massage