The following information is to help you better understand what to expect if you are interested in participating in the holistic certification programs offered at Thrive through the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.

What to Expect:

The Holistic Practitioner (HHP) course consists of ten levels, and Holistic Nutrition (HNC) consists of six levels, each covering different topics related to becoming a Holistic Health Care Practitioner or Holistic Nutrition Consultant. Levels can be taken out of order and classes don’t need to be taken consecutively or on a monthly basis.

Just like a university course, outside reading assignments are critical in this learning process. Books will need to be purchased to participate in this program. During class, your instructor will spend a significant amount of time reviewing pertinent information on each topic. You can choose to take notes, or simply listen. The classroom is the place where what you have read and practiced is reviewed and questions are answered. Class is also a forum for ideas and experiences to be shared with one another.

In order to maintain a safe and open learning and sharing environment, we ask you do not make recommendations to other students of what you think they should do in any circumstance during class discussion.

FOR HHP: Levels I through VII is where you will learn about several different modes of holistic observation and treatment for various health issues. Understand that each level is an introduction to various holistic observational and treatment methods. If you want to specialize in any of these methodologies, you will need to pursue additional education. You can do this through the Washington Institute or other venues. Levels VIII, IX and X are the practical portion of your educational and is a forum for you to use what you have learned with actual clients, and be critiqued by your instructor.

In addition to taking all of the course levels for certification, students taking the HHP certification are required to schedule an initial wellness exam appointment with the instructor, and a follow-up. This is also required for the HNC students, who must schedule a nutrition consultation and follow-up. This is so you can experience the exam first hand. The appointment must be scheduled before registering for the third course level.

All students planning on pursuing a career as a practitioner and planning to take the board certification exam are required to do this to pass the course. Students will receive a 10% student discount on all appointments during the month they are an active student at Thrive.

It is important that you learn what it means to be on the receiving end of a holistic integrative wellness exam or nutrition exam if you plan to be a practitioner and offer these appointments. This also will require you to begin a supplementation program and/or nutrition program if you do not already have one so you can establish your own experiences and testimonials to be able to help your future clients.

A journal of how you are feeling and what changes you are experiencing through making holistic and nutritional changes in your life will be required as homework in addition to the other assignments. Students who are taking individual classes for educational purposes and do not intend to practice as an HHP or HNC will not be required to do this.

Scheduling of Classes: Instructors make their best efforts to schedule classes around student’s busy lifestyles. You will be taking the course condensed into one day to reduce travel time and give you at least one day to relax on your weekend! If you cannot make the class, please contact the instructor with at least 24 hours notice. If you don’t call and don’t show up to a scheduled class, it is WINM policy that you will forfeit a $50 cancellation fee. If a course needs to be re-scheduled, as does happen rarely, the instructor will e-mail you and call you with no less than a weeks notice. During winter months a snow date will be scheduled in the case of inclement weather. If for some reason you cannot make a particular course date, skipping levels is perfectly fine. You can take the class on its next go around.

What Thrive Wellness Center Will Provide:

  • A classroom where ideas are open for discussion and questions can be answered.
  • An instructor who will review course information relative to reading assignments and answer questions and share their personal experiences with you.
  •  A Syllabus, Course Information, Reading and Written Assignments, and Worksheets Necessary for each class.
  • Certification through the American Holistic and Naturopathic Association.

Additional things to purchase:

  • Books required for class work (can be purchased online or through Thrive)
  • Clinical Tools such as a magnifying glass and dowsing rods (can be purchased online or through Thrive)

Please be prepared to bring the following the day of class:

  • Lunch or snacks
  • Your enthusiasm to learn – much of your success will depend on your own drive to learn the information and put it into practice!

Registration: Registration is required 1 week in advance of the class date. Contact Thrive Wellness Center, 570-283-0111 to register. We recommend registering at least 2 weeks in advance to give you time to acquire your reading material.

Preparing to be a Practitioner: In order to talk the talk you need to walk the walk; in other words, becoming a practitioner doesn’t just mean you start helping people; first you need to help yourself. You need to be willing to practice what you preach and begin living a healthy lifestyle. This means improving your diet, taking supplements if needed to support your body, getting some exercise and really taking charge of your own health. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect! This doesn’t mean you will implement everything with 100% consistency! But if you don’t practice what you learn yourself, others won’t listen to your recommendations and you won’t have any valuable personal experiences to share with your clients to inspire them. If you are not planning on being a practitioner and are just coming to learn, this does not apply to you.

Preparing for Class: Come to class well rested. It is suggested that all reading assignments be completed before class; either way, they must be read in order to complete homework. A Dropbox account is REQUIRED for receiving notes IF REQUESTED, for the HHP and HNC program. If you would prefer, the office can provide you with copies of all notes at a fee of $25.00 after each class. Come ready to relax, enjoy yourself and receive a lecture covering major important points for each topic. Classes typically run from 9:30am to 5:30pm, sometimes shorter. We have a 30-minute to one-hour lunch scheduled during the day, with 10-minute breaks scattered throughout the day. Please arrive early so class can start on time.

Homework: The purpose of the homework is to prepare you for the exam at the end of the program. It is also to give you practical application experience with what you learned in class. The homework will consist of a few questions regarding each topic discussed in class as well as one assignment where you will be asked to put what you learned into action with practice clients. Notations from the practical portion of the homework will need to be turned in with the answers to the questions. Homework from the previous level will be collected at the beginning of class and homework from that days lecture will be given out at the end of class. Homework is on average a four to six-hour commitment.

For HHP – Level VIII, IX, and X – For HNC – Level 6 Clinical Practice: This is where it all comes together! This is the practical portion of your educational experience and is where you have a chance to use what you have learned through direct application. All of your homework will have prepared you for each portion of the clinical exam. Each of these courses is a full day. Students and the instructor schedule 3-4 appointments per day and work on completing the client paperwork. The instructor models the first appointment and students then work together on the rest of the exams with the instructor present as an advisor. The HNC Clinical level 6 includes interviewing 5 clients.

Final Exam for HHP: The Final exam is a six-page take home exam. It will consist of fourteen written response questions and two sample case studies where you will be required to write a recommendation for each case, including food, herbs, homeopathic, essential oils and lifestyle changes. Students will be given 1 month from date of administration of exam to turn it in. The take home exam will be given to the student once all clinical paper work and homework has been turned in for levels 1-10.

Final Exam for HNC: Consists of 16 questions that cover all topics reviewed in class.

Certification: Certification will be administered when all proper documentation has been turned into the instructor. This includes: All homework assignments, The completed take home exam, for HHP’s 12 names of clients seen during Level VIII, IX and X as well as 12 recommendation sheets (one for each client), and a course evaluation form. For HNC’s, 5 names of clients seen during Level 6, with 5 recommendation sheets, the course evaluation form and a 2-week meal plan for one of the clients. Certification is provided through the American Naturopathic and Holistic Association (ANHA). The instructor will set up a time to collect and go over all of this information with the student.

Board Certification Exam: Once you have completed both the HHP and HNC certifications, you can now become board certified through the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine and the National Association of Drugless Practitioners. This is only for serious applicants. The Board Certification exam costs $270.00 and requires that you have completed 25 additional exams on your own time since receiving your HHP certification. These files will be reviewed along with an application expressing your intent as a practitioner. Not all applicants will be approved to sit for the exam. The exam consists of 2 essay questions, 100 multiple-choice questions and a practical where you are observed doing a full exam with a client. It is your responsibility to find your client for the exam. If you do not pass the written exam you can sit for it again for a $75 fee. If you do not pass the clinical portion, you will be required to take more clinical classes for further one on one experience and training at the regular class price of $425.

Post Certification: There are several options available for you once you are a Holistic Health Care Practitioner certified through the Washington Institute.

  • First, you are able to re-take and monitor any course that you have already received through the Washington Institute. There is no limitation to the number of times you can re-take a class at a $50 charge. This will allow you to continue your education well into the future as a practitioner and to refresh information you have already learned as well as keep you up to date on new information in the field.
  • Second, you can set up your practice right away in the location of your choice or choose to work part time as an introductory practitioner doing New Graduate Exams at Thrive Wellness Center for experience. New Graduate Exams offer you the opportunity to develop your skills in working with clientele before you move into practice on your own, it also gives Thrive an opportunity to evaluate you as a potential practitioner to join the Thrive team. This will also help you towards practice clinical hours in preparation of becoming a full time practitioner. This allows you to work in a professional environment with the tools and space you need to do Holistic Exams as well as develop clientele and referrals free of charge. These appointments are significantly discounted for community members who cannot afford a regular priced appointment.
  • Third, these programs are prerequisites for additional education programs through the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine. You can opt to continue your education through the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine to obtain other certifications and/or a masters or doctorate degree through the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine. Please request information from the instructor if you are interested in pursuing a professional degree through the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.