After completion of this program and submission of the written exam the student will receive a certificate from the American Naturopathic and Holistic Association. We are an approved Clinical site for First National University. First National University gives experiential learning credit for the classes that Thrive Wellness Center teaches.

This program is designed to prepare the student to work with clients using the following analysis and treatment methods: Traditional Chinese Observations, Iridology, Japanese Hara Study, Herbal Medicine, Food as Medicine, Homeopathy, Supplements and Essential Oils.

The program also includes the review of various ailments and natural remedies for them, which helps the student understand the client’s symptoms and how to use holistic methods of treatment.

The student must complete all ten levels for certification. Each level is an independent module, therefore, the student may take them out of sequence – except for levels VIII, IX, X (clinical practice). Take home exams and homework are a part of graduating the program. Cost for each level is $425, books and practitioner tools not included, unless you purchase the kits (sold separately).

Level I – Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology

This level familiarizes the student with each system of the human physiology and introduces
the world of medical terminology. All Cellular, Tissue, Organ and System functions will be discussed. This level will help the student understand the client’s description of symptoms
and understand physician’s diagnosis as well as how various organ systems are connected to strengthen knowledge for selecting wellness protocols for balancing.

Level II – Detoxification and Pathology

This course reviews different types of Detoxification Programs and how to determine the best one for holistic healing, including information on how to create and guide a customized detoxification plan. This course also reviews the philosophy of Holistic healing, how disease manifests in the body and various ways to support the body in alleviating symptoms.

Level III – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Philosophy and Meridian Theory

This course is co-taught with Dr. Kathy Wang, Thrive’s Acupressure Practitioner. The student will learn the philosophy and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 12 major Meridians, yin and yang philosophy, as well as the organs associated with these meridians. Students will be familiarized with the symptoms associated with various meridian blockages and how to bring the body back into balance using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

Level IV – Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tongue & Pulse Analysis

The student will learn how to interpret the appearance of the tongue in relation to various organs and how to feel the pulse to determine the status of the client’s health. These methods are a quick and non-invasive way to see what is going on inside the body and how this relates to current physical symptoms.

Level V – Iridology and Japanese Hara Analysis

The student will learn the analysis of the iris and how it relates to the human anatomy. Visible indications of lymphatic stagnancy, acid levels, bowel health issues, inflammation and more can be seen through the muscle tissue of the iris making it an excellent tool to support customized healing regimens for individuals. Hara Analysis is an ancient Japanese technique of palpation of the abdomen used to determine status of energy centers and organ energy.

Level VI – Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine

Essential oils are a wonderful non-invasive way to support the body in healing. They are one
of the most enjoyable therapeutics to work with due to their mood enhancing effects. The student will learn the history and guidelines for proper use of essential oils and herbal remedies. They will also learn how to blend balanced essential oil and herbal formulas for various symptoms
and ailments.

Level VII – Energy Medicine and Homeopathy

The student will learn about various energy centers in the body and how they relate to overall health. Rooted in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese energy theories this information links emotional trauma to disease and symptoms. In the second portion students will learn the history of Homeopathic medicine and how it can be used to support acute and chronic ailments. Homeopathy is vibrational medicine and is excellent as complimentary care due to the fact it has no drug interactions.

Levels VIII, IX, X – CLINICALS, Treatment of Ailments – 10 Cases

The student will interview the client, perform observations, make recommendations and test remedies. Each day of clinical practice is 6 hours and cannot be discounted. Class times may change depending on student availability.

The student must complete all ten levels, homework, and a take home exam for certification.

Students who have already taken Anatomy and Physiology with a grade of C or better can opt out of level 1 by submitting their transcripts.

2020 Course Schedule

Holistic Health Care Practitioner Certification

Offered through the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine

Holistic Health Care Practitioner Class Dates:


Level 1:Sunday, 1/19/20
Level 2:Sunday, 2/2/20
Level 3:Sunday, 3/29/20
Level 4:Sunday, 4/26/20
Level 5:Sunday, 8/9/20
Level 6:Sunday, 9/20/20
Level 7:Sunday, 10/18/20
Clinical PrepTBA
Level 8:TBA
Level 9:TBA
Level 10:TBA

Full day classes run from 9:30am – 5:30pm unless specified otherwise. Each level includes 7 Contact Hours and 4 Homework Hours. After completion of this program and submission of the written exam the student will receive a certificate from the American Naturopathic and Holistic Association through the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, Washington D.C. The student must complete all levels, turn in all homework, and complete a take home exam to receive certification. Each level is an independent module; therefore, the student may take classes out of sequence except for Level 7-10. CEU Credits Available for Nurses.

Individual Course Fee: $425.00

Full Course Registration: $4,400.00 (Save $565.00)

Includes: Full Certification, Initial Wellness Exam and Follow up

Holistic Health Care Student

Starter Kit – $645


All Books for HHP Certification
Dowsing Rods
Food Testing Kit
Iridology Magnifier

Holistic Health Care Student

Advanced Starter Kit – $1,330


Starter Kit
Advanced Essential Oils Kit
Food Testing Kit
Organs & Systems Testing Kit
Homeopathy Testing Kit